Membrane biogas upgradation system

Membrane biogas upgradation system

Key Features:

Membrane system produces - Consistent purity, recovery of Methane (CH4) and even maintains dew point of above -65 Deg C, i.e., consistently achieving purity of above 95-96% CH4 in output gas and slippage of CH4 in CO2 less than 3%.

Membranes comes with up to 8-10 Years of life,

Zero replacement cost in membrane system for 4-6 years,

No water and chemical required; semi-skilled manpower can operate the membrane system as it is totally PLC / Relay controlled system.

Membrane system is flexible to operate & it can operate between 25% to 100% of plant capacity with consistent output quality.

CH4 & CO2 purity and recovery : 95% to 97% with 2 stage system and upto 99% with 3 stage system.

Power required to upgrade biogas to CBG and bottle at 250 bar – 0.35 KWH / M3 biogas in Membrane system

SAAF Membrane System is containerized : Plug & Play