Waste Bin Tipping Station

Key Features:

Designed to suit 80L, 120L, 140L, 180L, 210L and 240L Bins as per En 840 standards.

Fully automatic with Electro-Hydraulic system.

Can take one bin or two bins at a time.

Can have mobile (on wheel) or fixed (on civil foundation) station.

Our Waste Bin Tipping Station is a prime example of our commitment to sustainability, reliability, and affordability in the energy sector. By automating waste management processes and utilizing biogas technologies, we help to reduce waste and lower carbon emissions, while also providing a reliable and cost-effective source of energy. Join us in energizing society with our innovative solutions today!

Compatibility with a variety of bin sizes:
Our product is designed to accommodate bins ranging from 80L to 240L, in accordance with En 840 standards.

Fully automatic operation:
The Waste Bin Tipping Station features an Electro-Hydraulic system that allows for fully automatic operation, reducing the need for manual labor.

Dual bin capacity:
Our product can handle one or two bins at a time, improving efficiency and reducing the time needed for waste management

Mobile or fixed installation:
The Waste Bin Tipping Station can be installed as a mobile unit on wheels or as a fixed unit on a civil foundation, giving you flexibility in how you implement it.

Minimal operator effort:
With its user-friendly design and automated operation, the Waste Bin Tipping Station requires minimal effort from the operator.

Efficient discharge:
Our product can discharge waste at a 135-degree angle and up to a height of 1.3 meters, improving the speed and efficiency of the waste management process.

Optional manual hand pump operation:
In the event of a power outage or other electrical issues, the Waste Bin Tipping Station can also be operated manually using a hand pump.

Customizable options:
We can also design and manufacture special purpose stations to suit your specific waste management needs upon request.